Google Certifications for SEO

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the process through which we can tell Google that our website exists, where it can be found and what it is about. Optimal utilisation of SEO can see your website moving up the search rankings as it helps Google understand that your website is the best website for a user to visit when they search your targeted keywords.

However, it can be difficult to, firstly, find an SEO practitioner you trust and, secondly, to understand what they are doing and monitor the success therein. This is a problem that many businesses, large and small, can face when employing an SEO agency.

This is not necessarily a bad thing though. The dynamic nature of SEO makes it what it is – an ever changing, ever evolving set of algorithms (or rules) which enable search engines to continually refine and improve the service they offer. In essence, it’s highly user centred, which is good!

It is, therefore, the dynamic nature of SEO that means certification cannot be given nor attained – such an accreditation would be out of date the moment it was achieved.

I recently came across this video from Google Webmaster Help which I think explains this rather well:

So, how can we be sure that an SEO agency or individual is right for us and our company needs?

This simply needs to come down to gut instinct and common sense. It may seem an odd way to go about business, but often the immediate reaction you get from speaking to someone about the service they are going to provide to you can be enough to help you make your decision. Think about the following things:

  1. Are they able to speak confidently about the processes they will use and the methods they will employ?
  2. Are they passionate about their craft and do they stay ahead of changes and innovations?
  3. Have they any previous experience which they can show to you?

Be wary of any company who say they can improve or alter your search rankings quickly. Yes, if your website has currently undergone zero optimisation and has no links to it, a little work may go a long way. But you’re not going to see page 1 ranking within a matter of weeks. SEO is time consuming and require patience and persistence to achieve those real results.


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