The Value of Infographics

Something I’m really passionate about is content engagement – the creation, maintenance and distribution of content to benefit and engage the end user. One of the things I spend a lot of my time thinking about is how we can best communicate an idea or a message for our target audience.

Now that could be a block of text, a pulled out quote, an image, a video or an ‘infographic’ – if it communicates the message effectively to the end user and optimises their experience, I’m a happy bunny!

But what do we really mean when we talk about infographics? And where does their value lie?

An infographic of infographics

This humorous graphic shows how infographics can be over-used

Consider the image above (taken from – funny, isn’t it? For me, its humour lies in its truth that infographics, though becoming more and more widely used and offered, are not always necessary.

I believe the value of an infographic is inherently and so importantly about providing value to the end user, in giving them an understanding of a message, data or idea that would otherwise have been difficult to grasp or to communicate through the written word. It should aid interpretation through visualisation.


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