Hosting Your Social Media Dinner Party

During a live video this morning on using social media to create an international business, the ‘dinner party’ analogy for social media came up. This can be a really useful tool for understanding your social media strategy and centres around the idea of your social media engagement as a dinner party where you are the host and your audience are the dinner guests.

Here are my tips for managing your social media ‘dinner party’:

Social Media Dinner Party

Managing your social media is like hosting a dinner party

1. Know and understand your dinner party guests

If you want to engage with your target audience, it’s important to understand who they are and what they are interested in – and what you want to achieve with them. This should be the basis of your ‘dinner party’ plans and will guide the rest of your decisions.

2. Choose a party location your guests like and can easily access

There’s no point holding your party in London if everyone you want to invite lives in Scotland – in the same way, there’s no point trying to engage on Facebook if the majority of your audience is active on Twitter. Select your party location carefully.

3. Understand the dietary needs of your guests

You wouldn’t serve meat to a vegetarian (not if you want them to have a good time, anyway!). Do your research to understand what your audience likes and what will provide them benefit, then identify the products you have in your business that appeal to those needs and add value to the party guests.

4. Be a good host

You’re the host of your party so you need to make sure your guests are comfortable and having a good time. Guide the conversation but don’t talk at them – your party if about conversation and everyone should be able to get involved.

5. Keep in touch after the party

Be available to your audience beyond your social media interaction – ensure there are ways for people to get in touch and find out more via your website and consider email marketing campaigns.


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