Skoda’s New Marketing Strategy

Car firm Skoda have, according to Marketing Week, announced an overhaul to their marketing strategy which will, in their words, “reflect the confidence” motor experts have shown in the brand.

New Skoda Logo

Skoda's new logo attempts to modernise the brand

The new strategy includes a new logo and televised marketing campaigns to further engage the end user. The part I find most interesting and innovative about Skoda is the way they use social validation to show consumers the value their brand can add to them.

Take, for example, their campaigns a few years ago using their slogan “A car so good you won’t believe it’s a Skoda” – it’s humorous and it draws your attention; it’s a company recognising it’s own bad press and saying they understand consumer concerns and that they have rectified their issues. And, according to Tutor2u, the campaign had impressive results and increased sales by 29%.

Today, their new campaign is set to focus around the changed opinions of the motor industry by highlighting the number of awards the company has won over recent years. It also focuses on the way public opinion has changed, even quoting Jeremy Clarkson as a fan of the Skoda Yeti.

To me, this shows how brands that recognise and listen to the opinions of their consumers can create a campaign which really engages with those users, talking to them in the same way they are talking to each other and not being afraid of the unconventional. By understanding their end user, Skoda will no doubt have another successful campaign on their hands.


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