Algorithm Changes and Content Marketing

Recently, Google have amended their algorithms in an attempt to discourage link ‘farming’. There are plenty of blogs and articles out there which provide further insight into what these changes may have been (such as SEO Moz which looks at the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in this change, and Ben Norman’s SEO blog). But what I’m interested in is what these changes really mean for content marketers.

Will content marketing become obselete?

Some people have suggested content marketing will become a thing of the past

Essentially, Google’s updates mean they will now be more selective on the links they apply importance to and the keywords they rate highly – thus meaning that, for link farming sites like eZine and EzineArticles, the links they provide are now less valuable.

But that’s not the end of the story. Google isn’t being short sighted here and suggested that every article on these article sites is useless – far from it. Farm sites are not only used by content marketers looking to upload their content and get a link back; rather, there are many people who visit those sites to get useful information and resources and who find genuine value in that content.

Some sources are suggesting that the updates to Google’s algorithms will account for user engagement, uniqueness of content and the quality of content as understood via traffic and sharing statistics. In practical terms, this means content marketers need to focus more than ever on providing high quality content with the end user in mind.


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