BBC to Replace Local Radio Stations

According to a report in the Guardian today, there is talk at the BBC of replacing local radio stations with content from 5 Live.

BBC Local Radio could be a thing of the past

BBC Local Radio could be a thing of the past

As someone with a real interest in the broadcast industry and a believer in the BBC as an innovator and change-pusher, I found this a really disappointing story. It seems to me that, rather than seeking new ways to engage their audience and provide quality radio content, the BBC is instead ‘admitting defeat’ and making cuts just like everyone else.

I’ve met people who work in local radio. I’ve seen the passion they have for their work and the intent they share of creating the best radio they can for their local audiences. What the BBC should be doing is surely to harness the enthusiasm of its workforce and really push to innovate and do something which will engage their audience again and create something better than what they have now.

It’ll be a real shame if they don’t.


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