LoveThis? The Importance of Social Validation

TechCrunch have just announced the launch of LoveThis, a social recommendation site designed to give users access to a whole range of recommendations made by their friends.

LoveThis social validation service

Could social validation be more important than search?

On first look, it looks great. As I’ve said in previous posts, we are in the midst of a revolution in terms of the impact of social validation. But can a stand alone product really be a success? Or is it destined to be soaked up by the ever powerful social media ’sponge’ that is Facebook?

The main premise of LoveThis is that your friends know you best – so anything they like, you are more likely to like too. Whenever you use a product or service, you add it to your LoveThis account and provide a review which your friends can then view.

LoveThis even links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts so you can tweet your recommendations and choose the friends whose recommendations you wish to see – great considering the excessive number of Facebook “friends” many of us have!

So, will LoveThis become popular? Will it continue to stand alone or will it be bought out by the likes of Twitter and Facebook? Only time will tell… but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below.

Essentially, the release of LoveThis is further confirmation that social validation is really becoming integral to any business offering. That means not only knowing and understanding your audience but allowing them to easily share your content with their friends. And creating content which is not only easy to understand but easy to share – and for other people to like.

Some search bods are even suggesting that social validation could, in fact, become more important than search. I’m not convinced – the power of search is in its immediacy. But search that takes into account these recommendations is certainly the future – Google already includes the ‘Stumble Upon’ logo in its SERPs to show the sites people have recommended there.

More importantly, the role of social validation shows ever more the importance of user experience and understanding the end user. It is only by providing the highest quality of content in the most user friendly formats that we can provide socially-sharable materials.


2 thoughts on “LoveThis? The Importance of Social Validation

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  2. it’s gonna be a blended approach. there is no app, web service that will just be the killer app because things ebb and flow these days depending on advancement of new approaches to the delivery of those services. i think social sentiment is the area to be looking at it and crossed with loyalty and location it’s going to be a really interesting time ahead.

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