Scheduled Tweets – What’s the Big Secret?

Scheduled Tweets shouldn't be a bad thing

Who cares if your tweets are scheduled? So long as your content is interesting and you regularly check in, they can only be beneficial.

As many of you will know, there are a lot of Twitter clients out there which allow you to schedule tweets – which essentially means automating a group of tweets to be sent at regular intervals throughout the day.

Over time, there seems to have developed something of a culture for people hiding the fact that tweets are scheduled. There have been times, in my experience, where people even look negatively on scheduled tweets – but why is this?

Pretending you’re available even when you’re not can harm your brand image – so be honest!

I’m not saying scheduling tweets all the time is ok – the value of Twitter is of course in the conversations it facilitates and that means tweeting timely, relevant content and having interactive conversations. But the odd scheduled tweet over a weekend or evening when you’re just not available can provide people with really useful content even when you don’t have the time to physically send it. We’re all busy so let’s allow ourselves to accept that and use this time saving technique without shame.

I’ve been posting tweets at work this past week using “[scheduled tweet]” at the end, just so you know we’re not actually available to chat. I’d like to think that other people will start to use this method too.

So stop hiding your scheduled tweets!


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