How to Get an Invitation to Google+

Google have announced the launch of what many people are calling the ‘rival to Facebook’ this morning.

Google+ pitches itself as a new way of organising social networks, utilising a new concept called ‘Circles’ which allows you to group your friends and selectively share content with them.

The new service also include Hangout, a live video stream that you and your friends can drop in and out of, Huddle, which allows you to message groups of people and drop in and out of conversations and Spark, which connects you with like minded people. It also incorporates map data so you can view updates according to people near you and, according to Google, find out when your friends are nearby, making it easier to connect with them offline. The whole service seems to be offering a more customisable experience for the user.

Google Plus

Google Plus is still in beta but rolling out soon

To obtain the new service, you’ll need an invitation from Google while they continue in their beta phase, with the full service being rolled out to everyone in the future. To request your invitation, simply follow this link:

As something of a social media geek, I’m very excited about this and have already registered with the service to find out more. That said, as with everything social media, it will be important to find a value in Google+; keep following my blogs for more.

Historically, Facebook has been the social network of choice because that’s where our friends are. But with more and more people suffering, according to many reports, Facebook Fatigue, can Zuckerberg’s team make the necessary amends to retain their 500 million users? Or have Google, having failed miserably in the past with Wave and Buzz, finally managed to come up with a solution to beat the social media giant?

To find out more about the new service, take a look at this useful video from Google:


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