Help! My BBM is down! (and other world changing events…)

Have we lost the plot? Has the world gone entirely insane?

Yesterday, I listened to the news in horror as the story of a young boy killed in a hit and run was bumped back in the headline order to make way for the BIG story of the day: Blackberry users couldn’t get on the internet.

I guess it might be me… As a Samsung user I’ve never been faced with the monumental tragedy of not being able to update my Facebook status. I mean, god forbid a moment should ever arise where I can’t share a link to my favourite cat-playing-the-piano video as soon as it comes to my attention. May there never be a day where I cannot tell the world my deepest, most inner thoughts in 140 characters.

In an interview on Radio 1, one devastated RIM customer shared his emotional turmoil; he was unable to BBM his 8 month pregnant wife. What was he supposed to do?

Here’s a thought (and bear with me on this one). What if you CALLED your wife? You know, like the old days. What if you saved your status update for later? What if you checked your emails on a computer rather than a phone? What if we got some perspective, learned to live without phones for the day and allowed the death of that little boy the coverage it deserves?

Because some things are more important than BBM.


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