Speak for Yourself!

Writing a business blogMany businesses are now looking to blogging as a method of further engaging their audience, showcasing their expertise and improving their ranking on Google and other search engines. The most likely hurdle they’ll face is a lack of buy in from colleagues – but that’s the most important thing they need to have.

Your company blog needs to be just that – a blog by your whole company. That doesn’t mean every member of the team needs to write blogs in full prose; in my previous job as social media marketer at Zabisco, I would have team members submit bullet pointed versions of what they’d like to say or drafts of the full prose for me to then check over and amend if necessary.

And I would talk to them, engage in conversations about what was happening around the office and also what was happening in our industry – what interested them, what they agreed with, what they didn’t agree with and any ideas they had. We found sharing interesting blogs, videos or other media around the office was a good way of getting conversations started and inspiring people to write.

A company blog really does need the buy in of the whole team though if it is to work. One person alone cannot know all that is happening in the business, nor can they successfully generate the breadth of opinion and expertise that a business blog needs to portray. In order to get buy in, you’ll need:

– Understanding. People need to know why the blog is important.
– Reason. Make blogging a part of people’s job description and ensure they have the time to do it at least once a month.
– Support. Be on hand to assist in idea generation and support colleagues by offering to review and amend their blogs for them; not everyone’s comfortable writing so make sure they know that you will help.

But most of all, a company blog needs to encourage people to speak for themselves, hence the title of this blog! It’s not just about the benefits the company will receive from the blog, because the writers of that blog will also achieve things they might not otherwise. A blog is a fantastic place to showcase expertise, to share experience and to articulate ideas and opinions in a way that helps you explore those ideas even further.

A blog can be a fantastic asset to a company or team. But that asset is entirely dependant on being updated reglarly by its contributors. Without this, you’re achieving nothing.


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