About Me

Hi, I’m Laura, a digital marketing consultant based in Nottingham. Find out more about me here, or get in touch to find out how I can help you.

Work history

I graduated Loughborough University in 2008 with a BSc in Social Psychology. A passionate writer, my career started back in 2009, when I landed my first copywriting role at a digital marketing agency in Nottingham. It quickly became apparent that copywriting for the web meant having a good understanding of SEO, and I spent a long time honing my SEO skills through self-teaching and formal lessons.

The first agency I worked for specialised in user-centred design, development and marketing, meaning much of my early career revolved around user research, focus groups, persona creation and user-driven marketing techniques. Since then, I’ve retained a very user-centred approach to marketing, and pride myself on crafting strategies that help brands to tell their stories in a way that really appeals to their target audience.

From my first role, I moved to a graduate leadership scheme for global travel brand TUI Travel PLC. Chosen from over 1,800 people, I was offered one of only six positions for a prestigious 18 month scheme, designed to develop leaders of the future. During the 18 months, I completed 7 placements across different brands in the TUI group and in different locations including Canada, the US and London.

I worked across a number of disciplines too, including finance, marketing, product development and management, and throughout this worked closely with senior members of the TUI group to input into strategy and the company’s growth, giving me a well rounded background of commercial understanding.

I returned to Nottingham in 2013, when I joined one of the East Midlands’ leading digital marketing agencies, established in 1999. While there, I developed my digital marketing skills and worked with some leading brands from across the UK as part of one of the most experienced teams in the region. Today, I work for an exciting start up digital marketing agency in NG1, where I am part of the management team.


I have worked both client and agency side, providing digital marketing consultancy services to a wide range of business sizes and sectors. I specialise in:

► Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
► Social Media Management (SMM)
► Online and offline PR
► Copywriting
► SEO and UX Development Guidelines

Your business needs a solid digital marketing strategy to succeed online. I spend time getting to know your business and your goals so I can help you to see a tangible return on your investment. Through regular reporting and communications, you’ll know exactly what I’m doing and why, so you’ll learn along the way too.

My client portfolio has included blue chips, veterinary practices, manufacturers, technology businesses, professional services providers and travel and tourism brands. I am adept in using both online and offline techniques as part of long term strategies and also on project work such as website reviews, SEO audits and providing guidelines for new websites from an SEO and UX perspective. You can view recommendations from my previous clients on my LinkedIn profile.

I also have a breadth of experience across other business disciplines, including business development, sales, product development, yield management and finance, and I believe this helps me to better understand all facets of your business and devise strategies bespoke to you.

Personal Interests

When I’m not delivering digital marketing solutions for my clients, I spend my weekends and summer evenings on a rather unusual hobby – skydiving!

I’m a gold medallist in 4 way and 8 way formation skydiving, and have jumped in the UK, Europe and America. I represented Team GB in Holland for the 2015 Skydiving World Cup. My photo was even featured on the Moz Con promotional materials after I took my Brighton SEO gift of a Moz t shirt on a skydive one sunny Saturday afternoon!

laura hampton moz skydive

I believe a good work/life balance is essential for anyone who wants to feel fulfilled and be successful, and spend my time when not jumping out of planes socialising with friends or focusing on health and fitness.

Social Profiles

Find me on social media at:



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A bit of fun…

What’s your passion? What do you do in your spare time and what inspires you to do it?

Skydiving is a huge part of my life and something I’ve been doing now for over 8 years. Ever since my very first jump, a tandem skydive for charity, I’ve been hooked by the adrenaline, the spectacular views and by the incredible feeling I have  had on every one of my 550 jumps. Being scared of heights, it challenges me every time I do it too and that’s very important to me.

The social side of skydiving is incredibly important to me too; it’s the kind of sport that tends to attract an adrenaline hungry bunch and I love nothing more than to spend a weekend at the drop zone with my boyfriend and friends, jumping out of planes and socialising into the night. It’s opened up the world to me, giving me friends across the globe through association and taking me to places like Seville in Spain, Florida and even Lithuania.

I’m inspired to skydive by my passion for living life to its fullest. In the same way that I want a job I can feel fulfilled in, I also want to make the most of my time outside of work. I collect experiences, I love to do new things and every weekend I spend skydiving, I’m happy. I think the pursuit of happiness is pretty inspirational.

In line with wanting to try new things, I spend the weekends I’m not skydiving travelling in the UK or abroad and doing things like skiing, ice skating and surfing. My spare time is as important to me as the time I’m in work and my passion lies in making the most of both.

What are your three favourite brands and why?

1) BBC
I think an institutional brand like the BBC could be incredibly difficult to maintain, simply because times are turbulent in our country and maintaining the trust of the nation is a huge challenge. I’ve chosen the BBC as one of my favourite brands because I admire the integrity they portray and the investment they make into progression, putting money into new TV developments or championing music genres through their radio stations. They are able to appeal to a wide range of people under a common ‘umbrella’ brand which manages to flex and adapt to suit each audience. I think the BBC Radio One website is one which shows real creativity and a knowledge of their target audience, something which is key to engagement in my opinion.

2) Innocent
Despite their buy out by global giant Coca Cola, Innocent have retained the essence of their brand. As consumers, we hear the story behind the brand and its humble beginnings, and it has a really clear brand propositioning which I believe encourages ongoing customer loyalty and even empathy.

They have also not been afraid to silence their critics; an example of this was when audiences began to suggest they could buy the fruit ingredients themselves and create the same thing, and it was a bold move for the brand to show how buying from them was, in fact, the cheaper option. They understand what they offer and they know they are the best at doing it, and this is something I really like about them.

3) Google
I struggle to think of any other brand which leads innovation in quite the same way Google does. From a very simple idea of cataloguing information, Google has grown and thrived on a company culture of innovation and creativity, pushing the boundaries of what’s available and making huge leaps and bounds in what can be available in the future.

One of the things I like most about this brand is the culture; their offices are creative spaces with break out areas and recreational facilities which really inspire a relaxed, creative atmosphere designed to encourage growth. Their employees are chosen because they are innovators and experts in their fields, who take hold of the opportunities given to them with both hands and run with them. Harnessing the creative powers and the passions of employees is a challenge all businesses face, and I believe Google does it incredibly well. On top of this, they continue to be recognised as one of the leading innovative brands, and that’s why they’ve made it into my top three.

We’re sending you to a media friendly desert island, you can take one film, one album or playlist and your favourite food. Tell us about them:

Film: Happy Feet. It sounds silly but it genuinely is my favourite film. I enjoy a film that makes me think, things like Source Code are amongst my favourites, but on a desert island the ice and the penguins would remind me there is a world beyond my own on the island – a philosophy I also like to take in my working life!

It also makes me feel really good when I watch it and reminds me of friends and family – soppy I know, but I think having that reminder on a desert island would be nice.

Album: Costello Music by the Fratellis. Ever since I found the album in the CD player of a car I bought, I’ve loved it and it doesn’t ever seem to age. It makes me happy and it makes me dance. I’d like to dance to it on a desert island…

Food: Sushi. My absolute favourite, especially since I spent 9 months in North America where they do sushi so well. Aside from tasting amazing, I think it would also keep me quite healthy and that’s important to me.


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