New Website Planning

Your website is the online shop window for your business. It needs to reflect what you do in a way that attracts potential customers and encourages them to buy from you.

Much of the success of your new website will come down to how well structured and optimised it is for Google. This means ensuring that the navigation structure and the content of your pages are formatted in a way that Google can understand and that helps it choose your website as the best one to show for your target search terms.

I specialise in user-focused search engine optimisation techniques that appeal not only to Google but also to your audience. If you’re currently thinking about creating a new website, get in touch to find out how I can help by planning out that site’s navigation structure and content. A well planned website will always perform better in the search results.

Let me help you plan your new website and I will provide you with:

  • User focused keyword research to identify the search terms for which your website should be ranking
  • Keyword mapping to plan out which pages will target which search terms and where each page will sit in the site’s hierarchy
  • Redirect plan for any existing website to ensure no traffic is lost when you move to your new site

If you’d like your website to rank well in the Google search results and appeal to your target audience, get in touch today.